“I wanted to know what happened, and I want it to be true.” The Winnipeg Free Press features an interview with Wayne, where he discusses how he came to write The End of Her.

“It became one story about three generations of women, braided together like a challah.” Wayne talks to Lisa J. Wise about antisemitism, humor, and why being the keeper of family stories is a gift, in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

CrimeReads features an interview with Wayne by James Polchin, about the scars that silences can leave, and the unique difficulty about researching women.

“We have so many tools now to help us understand our personal histories in terms of genetics and DNA. But what about the parts of our history that aren’t stored in our blood or our genes, but in our memories?” Wayne talks about digging up family secrets in the Washington Blade. (Or the Philadelphia Gay News, Bay Area Reporter, or the Los Angeles Blade.)

“I had no idea how long it would take.” The Canadian Jewish News interviews Wayne about the decade he spent looking for clues to solve the murder.

Wayne talks to the CBC about his research across Western Canada: “At this point the story has evolved where it's becoming more of a story of family discovery.”

Original essays

In Newsweek, Wayne wrote an essay about how and when his family decided to move his mother from home into a full-time care facility, and the unexpected advice they got that may be useful to other caregivers.

Wayne wrote an original essay for Huffington Post about his mother’s Alzheimer’s, and what it feels like to be one of the things she’s forgotten.

Wayne wrote an essay for the Jewish Book Council’s PB Daily about how his mother’s Alzheimer’s motivated him to research his great-grandmother's murder.


The Winnipeg Free Press features an excerpt from The End of Her about Sarah Feinstein's 1913 funeral.

Tablet magazine features an excerpt from The End of Her, focusing on the clue that left police baffled during their investigation of the Sarah Feinstein murder.

An excerpt in the San Francisco Bay Times recalls the day Wayne and his husband eloped, and the big reveal that night at the Passover Seder.

QueerForty features an excerpt from The End of Her, focusing on Wayne's relationship with his mother around the time he came out in the 1980s.

Other coverage

The Forverts offers a Yiddish review of The End of Her (Der Sof Irs in Yiddish), noting, “To write a book about your own family history is no simple thing.” English translation here.

The Jewish Post & News in Winnipeg speculates about whether the murder of Sarah Feinstein was connected to another murder 15 years later with a few intriguing similarities.

The Canora Courier reports on how Wayne's travels to Saskatchewan's Good Spirit Country contributed to his research for the book.


Abigail Pogrebin interviews Wayne on the Jewish Broadcasting Service TV show In the Spotlight, where they talk about everything from Hebrew school to world travel. And murder, of course.

Wayne read from The End of Her, followed by a Q&A with veteran Billboard editor and Sirius XM radio host Larry Flick, at the Bureau of General Services-Queer Division bookstore in New York City on 3/20/22. Watch the livestream here.

In Houston, Wayne read from The End of Her on 10/29/22, with authors Arielle Silverman and Mallory Smith, as part of the Ann and Stephen Kaufman Jewish Book & Arts Festival, introduced by Emmy-winning newscaster Khambrel Marshall. You can watch the event here (Wayne's segment starts around 30:00).

Wayne read from The End of Her, followed by a Q&A with novelist Aaron Hamburger (Nirvana Is Here), at Lost City Books in Washington, D.C. on 3/4/22. Watch the livestream here.

Wayne launched his book tour on 2/20/22 with a virtual event at the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, followed by a Q&A with Winnipeg historian Allan Levine (Coming of Age: A History of the Jewish People of Manitoba). Watch it here.

Wayne gets in the bubble bath with Damon L. Jacobs for a Tub Talk about The End of Her...and body image, bear culture, activism, AIDS anxiety, and more.

Wayne talked about his book on the beach at East End Books in Provincetown during Bear Week, on 7/12/22.


The Unorthodox podcast features an interview with Wayne, talking about his relationship with his mother, and how he did his research into the murder. You can also hear audio of his mother telling family stories.

Wayne is the guest on the radio show Trailer Talk with Sabrina Artel, talking about the Jewish holidays, the catalyst for his murder investigation, and his parents’ annual visits to the Catskills.

The House of Mystery radio show/podcast talks to Wayne about the challenges he faced in his investigation of his great-grandmother's murder a century ago.

On the radio show Too Jewish, Wayne talks about debunking a family legend, and how a murder investigation went off the rails.

On the True Crime Tuesday podcast, Wayne talks about various theories of the crime, including why his husband was so sure that Sarah Feinstein was murdered by her own husband.

Wayne walks listeners through the murder investigation, and how an open-and-shut case went unsolved for a century, on the true crime podcast Most Notorious.

The podcast Drinks With Tony hosts Wayne for an hour, talking about everything from the challenges of writing about your own family to his experiences as a journalist, interviewing his heroes.